Duran Levinson for Death Before Digital

Duran Levinson

Duran Levinson is a 29 year-old cinematographer and film photographer, originally from Cape Town, (South Africa).In the past year Duran has split his time... Read More...
Nate Igor Smith for Death Before Digital


I shoot a lot of film. I shoot so much film that my lab gives me presents at Christmas and recognises my voice over the phone. I love film. I love the look of... Read More...
Raphael Buehlmann | Exclusive Feature | Death Before Digital

Raphael Buehlmann

For this Death Before Digital Exclusive, we sat down with Raphael Buehlmann. A multidimensional artist hailing from Switzerland. So, Raphael ... Tell us a... Read More...
Lin Zhipeng aka no.223 for Death Before Digital


For this Exclusive we have the honor of showing the work of Lin Zhipeng aka No.223. Based now in Beijing, he named himself “No.223” after the lovelorn cop cha... Read More...

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