Lauren Lepore / 35mm Mistress for Death Before Digital

Lauren Lepore

Lauren Lepore is a 23 year old self taught film photographer from NYC.Lauren prefers to photograph strangers. She used to shoot a lot of models but the pi... Read More...
Jon Walker - Film Photographer - for Death Before Digital

Jon Walker

"There is something magical about the ability to tell an entire story in a tiny fraction of a second, something that is entirely unique to photography. I'll n... Read More...
Melisande Blis for Death Before Digital

Melisande Bliss

Melisande Bliss is a photographer and filmmaker, born and raised in New York City. Her photographs document urban life, youth culture, nightlife and abandonme... Read More...
Jamil Nemesio Domingo Owens for Death Before Digital. Kodak Portra 800 + Contax T2

Jamil Owens

Jamil Nemesio Domingo Owens - Born and raised in a city that rains 9 months out of the year... Seattle. Jamil gravitates towards taking pictures because it le... Read More...
Rick den Ouden - Disposable Paris

Rick den Ouden

Rick is a skateboarder from Rotterdam that we've seen growing up in the skatepark and the streets of Rotterdam. He documents the local skate-culture strictly... Read More...
Photo by: Chantal Convertini for Death Before Digital

Chantal Convertini

"I just love how it slows me down while shooting. How it keeps me focused. How it reminds me that photographs are valuable and real. I love film because it's ... Read More...

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